Online facility for filing RTI applications launched

Kerala state IT mission has launched an online facility for filing the Right to Information (RTI) applications to the Secretariat.

The facility, being implemented with the support of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), aims at helping gather information through RTI faster and in a transparent manner, the IT mission director said in a press release.

Replies to the applications would be available online also, he said in a release.

People can now submit applications through the web portal '' with the help of a user ID, which can be created using the link new portal user creation.

One can log onto the website using the ID.

"Applications can be submitted by selecting RTI from the menu on the left side of the portal. Those who have registered in e-district portal can also submit application using their register number. Others can click new registration to provide necessary information and submit the application in English or Malayalam.

"The procedures will be completed once the applicant remits the fee online," the release said.