How to Overcome Jealousy in Friendship


A small word can result in very big consequences. It can even ruin the world’s best relationship…friendship. What do you think, why your friend feels jealous of you? You might give me any of the reasons- your looks, you secured more marks than your friend, you’re on a higher position and your financial position is stronger than your friend or your boyfriend is smarter than your friend’s boyfriend. And, if you’re going to end your friendship due to these perceptions.

Do you really understand your friend? The fact is that she is not a bad being. Insecurity, fear, poor self image or lack of self confidence is the root causes behind her jealousy. If your friend is feeling jealous of you, instead of breaking a beautiful relationship, help her in overcoming this behavior.

Tips to Help Your Friend Overcome Jealousy

  • Be empathetic! Put yourself in your friend’s place and make out why she is feeling the way she does.
  • Understand the situation! Sometimes, your friend may be in awful place in her life. In this situation don’t do anything that could deepen the stances of jealousy.
  • Tell your friend about the qualities which make her your friend.
  • Prepare a list of her personality traits (like, her intelligence, great sense of humor, her heart-stealing smile, etc.). Hand over this list to her.
  • Demonstrate understanding and patience while communicating with your friend.
  • Listen to her calmly. Don’t disrespect her feelings.
  • Your friend may be jealous about material things (like, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.) that you possess and she doesn’t. Communicate to her about this matter and purge her feelings of insecurity. Ask her to be happy with what she has.
  • Try to make your friend feel better about her. Offer to take part in activities that boost up the self-confidence of your friend.
  • Admire her work, presentation skills, new hairstyle, new dress, etc.
  • Pay no heed to their frustrating comments and behavior. When they notice that their pesky remarks make no difference to you, they may end it.
  • If you can’t handle the situation yourself, seek help of others.