PM slams LDF govt over Sabarimala issue


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the Left government in Kerala on the Sabarimala issue, saying Communists do not respect India's culture and spirituality.

Hitting out at the CPI(M)-led LDF and the opposition spearheaded by the UDF in the state, he said both the fronts were two sides of the same coin and accused them of neglecting people of the state.

Modi said for the last few months, the entire nation has been talking about Sabarimala.

The conduct of the Kerala LDF government on the Sabarimala issue would go down in the history as one of the "most shameful behaviours by any party and government," he said.

"We know that the Communists do not respect India's culture, history and spirituality," Modi said at a public meeting in Kollam.

Modi said the Congress party has multiple stands on the Sabarimala issue.

"They say one thing in Parliament and another in Pathanamthitta (where the Lord Ayyappa shrine is located)," the Prime Minister said.