Primary schools in Kerala set to go hi-tech by July

Primary schools in Kerala are all set to become hi-tech by July, thanks to a comprehensive IT initiative of the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE).

The state-run agency had recently successfully completed the Hi-Tech school project, under which 45,000 classrooms in the state were made hi-tech.

KITE, formerly IT@School project under the state General Education Department, is a special purpose vehicle envisaged to promote IT education in state schools.

It has completed the tender proceedings for the procurement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment for the Hi-Tech Lab for primary schools project funded by the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Board (KIIFB), an official statement said on Tuesday.

The KITE authorities have decided to issue the supply orders for 55,086 laptops and USB speakers and 23,170 multimedia projectors to be deployed in 9,941 lower primary and upper primary schools in the state.

As per the KIIFB approved estimate for the Hi-Tech lab for primary schools project, an amount of Rs 252.38 crore was earmarked for these ICT equipment, it said.

However, after the tender, the final price received including the GST for these items was only Rs 204.9 crore, which is less than Rs.47.34 crore (18.76 per cent) than the estimate, the release said.

All ICT equipment would be covered with Insurance protection against theft and damages due to natural calamities.

KITE has also provided Broadband internet connectivity to all 9,941 primary schools.