Producers association bans actor Shane Nigam

Following the controversies over upcoming movie ‘Veyil’, the Producers’ Association has banned actor Shane Nigam. The association representatives declared the ban on the actor in a press meet.

The Producers Association announced that they have abandoned two film projects 'Veyil' and 'Qurbani' featuring actor Shane Nigam in the lead. The decision was taken jointly by the producers and demanded that Shane should compensate the loss suffered by the makers of both the films.

The decision was also conveyed to 'AMMA', claimed the association. The association will also inquire of the drugs that were taken to the movie sets.

More allegations were raised against the young actor. It is alleged that the actor violated the contract by demanding more money to cooperate with the dubbing of the movie.

During the press meet, the producers demanded police to take action against drug abuse among youngsters in the film industry.