Rahul Gandhi demands withdrawal of draft EIA 2020


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed Centre and demanded the withdrawal of the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi posted a tweet that called for the withdrawal of EIA 2020 draft as it will lead to further environmental destruction and looting.

"EIA 2020 draft must be withdrawn to stop the loot of the nation and environmental destruction," the tweet read.

"This is another terrible example of what the BJP government has been doing for the 'friends' of the suit-boot who have robbed the resources of the country," he added.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had also criticised the draft EIA. On Sunday, he said the draft, which has now been placed for public feedback, is disgraceful and dangerous.

Calling it a disaster, Rahul said, "It seeks to silence the voice of communities who will be directly impacted by the environmental degradation it unleashes."


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