Reasons Behind He Stops Flirting with You

In your college or office, if the man who seemed too attached to you suddenly stopped smiling, you may wonder what went wrong.There could be many reasons behind his silence. Initially, it all started with eye contact. He used to keep looking at you all the time. Wherever you go, he used to look at you tirelessly as if you were an angel.And then gradually he approached you. In order to get his way through, he started showering compliments. He praised you and appreciated every quality of yours.And then he gave you undivided attention. But something went wrong. He gradually stopped flirting with you. He stopped looking at you. Here are some reasons behind he stopped flirting with you.

Reasons why he stopped flirting with you are;

1.You Were Not Responding: He flirted with you to know about your interest. But if you haven’t responded then he thought you’re not interested in him. So, he might have moved on.

2.He Found Someone Else: This could be one of the reasons. May be he found another girl who is showing interest so he must have stopped wasting time flirting with you.

3.Because You Are Not Flirting Back: When he flirts you didn’t flirt back. So, he must have felt bad. This could be one reason why he stopped looking at you.

4.He Is Tired Of You: Men’s flirting is just a signal to tell a woman that he’s interested to take things to the next level. But when women enjoy that flirting stage and get stuck there itself, then men get tired and move on.

5.He Understood That You’re Not Interested: If you have never given him any clue that you were actually interested when he was flirting, he would naturally think that you hate him. So, he might have moved on.

6.He Is Confused: Maybe he has two or three choices in his mind and he is confused about whom to approach first.

7.Financial Problems: This also could be a reason; which man on this planet can flirt when he is broke? Men may lose interest in many things when they’re financially not well.

These are the reasons why he stopped flirting with you.