Reasons Why Does He Looks At Your Lips

Generally, men observe several aspects of a woman. Putting aside the inner qualities of a woman, they tend to observe the physical aspects a lot.In some cases, either some aspects or a combination of several features of a woman create a mesmerising effect on a man. This is the origin of physical attraction.If you have observed it, some men tend to look at your lips during deep conversations. Here are some reasons why he looks at your lips.

Reasons why does he looks at your lips are:

1.He wants to kiss you: He is gradually developing an urge to kiss you. If you have been dating him since a while, then it clearly means that he has plans to kiss you soon.

2.The colour of your lipstick is weird: This could also be a reason. He might be wondering what on earth made you think that a particular colour suits you. But he is scared to openly tell that as you might ask him to mind his own business.

3.He is trying to attentively listen to what you speak: When your conversation goes very deep, he tries to look at your lips to get clues about what you are talking and what’s making you talk about a particular topic.

4.He wants you to stop chattering: Men who can’t openly tell that you are eating their head tend to look at your lips to request you to stop talking.

5.He is in love with you: When a man is totally comfortable in your presence, he may start gazing at your lips to indicate that he will soon invade your heart too.

6.He is scared to look into your eyes: Some men feel uncomfortable to make eye contact for too long. In such cases, their gaze tends to get diverted to other areas around the eyes. So, your lips are his temporary point of focus.

7.Bad upbringing could also be one reason: Some men are not taught where to look, how to look and how to treat a woman during a conversation. They don’t know how to vary the point of focus during conversations with women.

8.Your lips are beautiful: If you have voluptuous lips, then any man would keep looking at them for eternity.

These are the reasons why does he look at your lips.