Relationship spoiling Jobs

There are certain categories of jobs that you do which can put your relationship in danger. Basically, it is when you interact with a lot of guys, or when you earn a lot more, or if you are too busy that your guy would start to complain and it would be envy or ego that would eventually spoil your relationship. Here are five such categories of jobs that could spoil a relationship.

High power corporate jobs

You not being able to pay him attention, listen to him cribbing, make him dinners at times, talk to him for days would make him start suspecting that you are avoiding him. It is very hard for men to understand that to women, work is as important as it is to them. Eventually, he will ask you to choose. Choose wisely.

Exotic Dancer

Of course he would love to see exotic dancers, even better with your permission! But he would not like to see you as one! Because jealousy would drive him crazy. On the surface, he might be calm with you being someone that everyone ogles. But deep down, his male ego would not allow that.


Imagining you taking your clothes off for other men to enjoy is a role play he might enjoy, but he would definitely not support you. If he does, it would be a fake, and your relationship would end soon, unless you decide to give up stripping altogether.

Jobs that pay you more than him

The man – always the alpha ego creature! If you earn more than him, he may pretend to be okay with it, but he will not be! He will always have this constant issue with the fact that he earns less than you do. He might say that he understands, but until he is way different and extremely evolved and very strong internally, he would not understand.

Jobs that need you round the clock

If you are a doctor, you cannot just miss a call from the hospital. Your first priority is healing patients. Your boyfriend might be proud of you. But somewhere at some point in time, this will become an issue; for you would always be devoted to your job.