Sabarimala: Prohibitory orders not adverse to pilgrimage, says HC

The Kerala High Court’s stand regarding the Sabarimala issue has given a relief to the state government. The court took a favourable stand to the government .The court took a favourable stand to the government based on the report submitted by the Sabarimala high-level monitoring committee.

It also noted the monitoring committee’s observations that the devotees have no difficulties in Sabarimala and about 80,000 people visited the temple on Monday alone.

It is indicated that the report submitted by the high-level monitoring committee is fully satisfied with the facilities in Sabarimala including that of Nilakkal and Pampa. The court also asked what problems the pilgrims faced by the prohibitory orders imposed in Sabarimala

The court’s remarks in support of the government came when the opposition and BJP together were unleashing an attack on the LDF regarding the issue.

Earlier, the court had criticised the government in connection with the restrictions imposed in Sabarimala.But the three-member commission appointed by the court reported that everything is going smoothly there.

The ADM (Additional District Magistrate) had submitted an affidavit in the court on behalf of the government in connection with the prohibitory orders.. It was specifically mentioned in the affidavit that the prohibitory orders were implemented in order to ensure security of the devotees and the public and to maintain law and order. 

The devotees or their vehicles have no trouble due to the prohibitory orders. Hence the prohibitory orders does not affect anyone’s right to worship, the government informed the court. The court took a stand in favour of these arguments.