Signs That You Are Starving In Your Relationship

After some time, any relationship suffers certain issues. Out of them, lack of frequent lovemaking sessions could also be one. When the physical intimacy reduces, one starts feeling deprived. As physical touch is also an important necessity, one may start feeling starved. When starvation starts, the relationship may start experiencing ups and downs. Here are some signs that you are starving in your relationship.

1.You Start Thinking Of Another Person: When your physical needs aren't being satisfied in your relationship, your mind will naturally start fantasising about someone else.

2.You Start Craving For Others: Dreaming about others may not harm much but once you start desiring for someone outside your marriage, it is a sign that you must discuss about your starvation with your partner.

3.You Pick Fights: When your cravings aren't satisfied in your relationship, your frustration starts coming out during every slightest disagreement. You tend to pick up fights without any reason. This is a sign you are starving in your relationship.

4.You Regret: Every single day, you regret your decision of being in the relationship. Gradually, you may start feeling that you deserve someone better.

5.Low Self Esteem: Many surveys claim that people in starved relationships gradually suffer from self-esteem issues too. They may think that they are no longer attractive.

6.Thoughts Of Breaking Up: Some people simply quench their desires outside the relationship whereas some people decide to move on. If thoughts of breaking up are filling your mind, check whether you are starving in your relationship. 

These are the signs that you are starving in your relationship.