SpiceJet offers automated customer service, check-in facility on WhatsApp

New Delhi: SpiceJet said its automated customer service and check-in facility is available on WhatsApp in addition to its website and mobile app.

In May, the government had made it mandatory for all passengers to check-in online 48 hours to 60 min before flight departure in order to ensure social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

SpiceJet's automated customer service agent called "Ms Pepper" can be accessed by passengers at mobile number 6000000006 anytime, it said in a press statement.

"WhatsApp "Hi" to 'Ms Pepper' on your way to the airport and she will help you with the mandatory web check-in process without the need to visit SpiceJet's website and deliver your boarding pass directly to your mobile phone," it stated.

The automated agent will also resolve customer's queries on WhatsApp, the airline said, adding that it is also available on its website and mobile app.

"As WhatsApp works well over slow and intermittent internet connections, customers can chat with 'Ms Pepper' without worrying about being in a good network area," it noted.