SSLC, HSE exams to be held in two phases

Thiruvananthapuram: The pending SSLC, Higher Secondary examinations will be held in an interval of one week after the lockdown is lifted, it is reported. The earlier exams were conducted together. Plus One exams will be deferred.

On Wednesday, education minister C Raveendranath will hold a discussion with chief minister and decide on the exam dates.

As per reports, the exams will be conducted in consecutive days. Plus Two exams will be held in the forenoon session and SSLC exams in afternoon session and SSLC exams in afternoon session. Only two students will be seated on a bench.

However, it is yet to be decided whether the exams should be held after public transportation is restored. If not, alternate means of transport will have to be arranged for students.

The education department has put forward two suggestions regarding evaluation of answer sheets. The answer sheets of the earlier exams be at teachers’ residence for evaluation or increase the number of evaluation camps to maximum and conduct evaluation in earlier manner.

Since there is no false number on SSLC answer sheets, giving it to houses is doubtful. Meanwhile, it is also difficult for teachers to travel distance to evaluation camps amid lockdown.

Though Centre has instructed to open educational institutions to conduct exams, no decision on the university exams has been arrived yet. Universities themselves can decide on the dates. However, since students are stranded in other states and countries, it is yet to decide whether exams will be conducted after train, flight services are restored. Desk: Asianet Online