Teenage Pregnancy Problems To Know

Everything in life has its own time. As human being is the most fabulous creation of the almighty, the Mother Nature prepares them for everything. Anything before time or against the rule of nature creates problem. Teenage pregnancy is one of such kind of pre-timing matter.Pregnancy is the thing for which every lady has special dreams. Bearing a child and giving birth of a little angel gives you a feeling of the creator. But when pregnancy comes unexpectedly, the enjoyment and excitement decrease to some extent.

Actually, there are lots of problems of teenage pregnancy. On one hand the mother and child face huge physical problems, and on the other the social and economical problems are not less. Marriage at early life is a big reason of teenage pregnancy. The girl is at the age of live life fully, but she is tied with some knot and forced to maintain marriage vows. The early intercourse makes her pregnant at early age and hampers her and the child’s health.Here are some problems of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy problems are:

1.High Blood Pressure: If anyone gets pregnant at teenage, they face lots of pressure from family and society. This creates an anxiety which results in hypertension and raises the BP to higher level. It is proved that the teenager mothers are more prone to high BP than the ladies of 20s and 30s.

2.Pre-mature Delivery: Another health problems of teenage pregnancy. Teenage is the time when the body of a girl becomes ready for the future motherhood. If that situation comes before your body is ready, it may lead to pre-mature delivery which can be life risk for mother and child.

3.Other Health Problems: Adolescent mothers face many other health problems of teenage pregnancy. They may suffer from weight loss problem, anaemia, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity and many more. Even the mother can lose lots of blood during delivery.

4.Problem Of The Baby: Not only the mother but the child is also the victim of premature pregnancy. Low weight at the time of birth is a general problem. Often they take birth with diseases like jaundice, malaria etc. Moreover, the mother is not efficient enough to take care of the baby.

5.Mental Problem: The girl has to face immense social pressure and often they don’t have their parents beside them. Even sometime she doesn’t even get the support of her child’s father. It becomes impossible for many to cope up with such mental trauma.

6.School Dropouts: The rate is very high and one of the crucial problems of teenage pregnancy. The girl feels embarrassed and refuses to go school. Also she has to take care of the little one and stay with it. So, teenage pregnancy pauses her career before flourishing.

7.Poor Financial Condition: Often teenage pregnancy leads to single motherhood. Therefore, it becomes hard for her to become financially stable. Her education is not completed, so, it’s difficult to get a suitable job. So, poverty is inter-linked with teenage pregnancy.

These are the problems of teenage pregnancy.