Terminate services of all empaneled drivers: HC to KSRTC

The Kerala High Court on Monday directed the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation to terminate the services of all empaneled drivers and appoint regular hands from the list prepared by the state Public Service Commission (PSC).

Considering a batch of pleas filed by job aspirants, seeking regular appointments from the PSC list, a division bench, comprising Justices V. Chitambaresh and A.M Babu, directed the KSRTC to appoint those who cleared the PSC selection process for the drivers posts.

The court directed the KSRTC to complete the process of relieving empaneled drivers before April 30.

It observed that the empaneled drivers, who are about 1,565 in total, cannot be permitted to overstay in the post illegally, denying an opportunity to the KSRTC to request the PSC to advise candidates for the vacancies already reported.

"The KSRTC shall not operate with empaneled drivers when those in the rank list of the PSC are eager and willing to join duty, if advised for appointment, who have been kept on tenterhooks for long," it observed.