Tests That You Must Do Before Conceiving

Motherhood is the ultimate experience for any woman. The feeling of becoming a mother cannot be described through words. Holding the tiny little hands and seeing the little one opening his eyes for the first time are some precious moments that every parent wishes to experience. The nine month’s journey of pregnancy requires both mental preparedness and medical fitness, in other words positivity & healthy lifestyle.While we see many couples enjoying their parenthood without any complicacies, there are many couples who face demoralizing situations in this process. Such situations may arise because of multiple reasons such as poor lifestyle habits, obesity or genetic disorders. If you are trying to conceive, it’s very important to stay aware of your health condition to avoid future complications which might happen to either or both mother and the baby.Pre-pregnancy tests will basically examine your body thoroughly. From these pre-pregnancy tests, you will know about your inner organ functions such as your ovulation frequency based on your BMI, blood sugar level, blood related disorders or any illness which might be risky during pregnancy. It’s not only the expectant mother who needs a check-up but the father too has to undergo some tests such as checking the sperm count or any genetic disorders which baby shouldn’t inherit.Here are some tests that you must do before conceiving.

Tests that you must do before conceiving are:

1.Thyroid Test: Secretion of excess thyroid hormone is called hyperthyroidism which can cause premature birth and miscarriages. Under secretion is hypothyroidism which may lead to brain disorders in babies. If you ask your doctor about what are the tests to undergo before getting pregnant, thyroid profiling is a requisite test that will be recommended.

2.Blood Tests: Blood test usually tops the list in the six most important medical tests you must undergo before conceiving. The blood tests will examine your complete blood count and various diseases such as syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B etc. Blood test will also check if you have genetic diseases such as sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis.

3.Urine Tests: To rule out high blood sugar, high protein and presence of bacterial infections like urinary tract infection, you will be asked to do urine tests. If high blood sugar is detected, you will be immediately referred to diabetologist for immediate treatment before you conceive. UTI can be treated by drinking plenty of fluid and antibiotics.

4.Smear Tests: It is often recommended to do smear test and complete physical examination in vagina, cervix and pelvic area. These medical tests you must undergo before conceiving to avoid complications during pregnancy. Smear tests will reveal if you have any yeast infections or cellular abnormalities in your vaginal or cervix area.

5.Vaccinations: Birth defects and miscarriages can be avoided through vaccination against many preventable diseases such as rubella. So, before you try to conceive, get yourself vaccinated as per the doctor’s instructions.

6.Semen Analysis: A fertility check for men is equally important. Things like sperm count, sperm motility, sperm quality need a proper assessment before planning for a baby. These tests hold importance for men who have poor lifestyle habits like drinking, smoking or genetic medical history.

These are the tests must do before conceiving.