The ways for reading Men's body Language

There are several clues, like crossing his arms or avoiding eye contact, that can help women read their man’s body language.

Sometimes body language can be even more telling than spoken words.Men can be hard to read, so if you want to learn how to translate your guy’s body language, take a look at these :

  • He is seated with his legs crossed, foot facing you.

This position is a good sign!It means that he turned on by you. so lean in for a kiss!

  • He is seated with his legs crossed, foot facing away from you.

This is a bad sing .This indicates lack of interest.Has he seemed bored lately?Maybe it is time to spice things up, before the flame goes out completely.Beware: if he is seated with his legs crossed, foot facing some other girl, then he has a wandering eye.

  • When he holds your hand, your fingers are interlocked.

This is a fabulous sign… it means that he feels very connected with you.He doesn’t feel smothered, and he isn’t afraid to show the world how much he loves his lady!

  • When he holds your hand, you are palm-in-palm.

Not so good.On the bright side, at least he is holding your hand at all.But on the other hand, he is just loosely holding it, not wanting to get too attached. and that is wear your relationship probably stands too.With this position, he is leaving himself an easy opportunity to pull away, particularly if he sees someone he doesn’t want to explain his relationship to.This is a guy who has a fear of commitment, and he might just be using you.

  • He doesn’t look you in the eyes when he is talking.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.This body language is a clear indication that he has something to hide.If he keeps diverting his gaze, he is not focused on you or on your relationship.This guy has a secret, and unless it is a surprise party for you, it’s not good.

  • He keeps touching his hair or his face while is talking.

He is trying to pull the attention away from whatever he is talking about.Because he is lying through his teeth.He is fidgeting because he is uncomfortable, and he is afraid that you are going to be suspicious… which you should be.Tell him to give the truth a try.

  • He is biting his nails.

Gross… but don’t give up on him yet.This guy is a basket of nerves, and the reason for his nervousness is that he really likes you and wants to make the best possible impression on you.Hopefully this shy guy will kill the nasty habit once he is more comfortable and relaxed try to put him at

  • He keeps his arms crossed when you are seated beside each other.

What a grouch!Body language like this just screams, “I am not into this!”Unfortunately, there really isn’t a love connection here.And on top of that, he is completely emotionally shut off.He does not want to open up you, and he doesn’t want to share his life with you… or probably anyone right now.You are better off.An emotionally repressed man is a tough nut to crack.

  • He touches you frequently while you are in conversation.

Great news: not only is he interested in what you are saying, but he is way into you!You are irresistible to this guy.Plus, he isn’t afraid to show affection in a physical way, which probably means he is a good communicator.

  • He sits with his legs wide open.

This can be one of two possibilities.One, he is an open book.He has nothing to hide, and no reason to hide it.He is giving you the green light to share your feelings with him, and he wants to reciprocate in kind.Or two, he is looking to take things to a physical level, and he is hoping that you will follow his lead.

Whenever you are trying to read a man’s body language, make sure you aren’t getting ahead of yourself.Look for patterns of behavior rather than an isolated incident.Also, be conscious of your own body language.You will notice yourself giving off clues about your feelings.Happy translating.