Things That Couples Should Not Neglect Before Marriage

Preparations for your wedding is a herculean task in itself and requires numerous factors that need to introspected clearly. Many people, owing to the excitement that surrounds the run up to the wedding ceremony, ignore the important things. Neglecting certain aspects can prove to be an impediment to a smooth wedding ceremony and the subsequent marriage life.As important a phase as marriage is, it is only wise to look at numerous possibilities from every angle. For instance, not dealing with the finances accurately could prove to be a major hindrance to your honey moon.Here are some things that couples should not neglect before marriage.

Things that couples should not neglect before marriage are:

1.Jobs: This is one of the most important things every couple should discuss before marriage and that which should take precedence over fun and frolic. You must discuss the location of your jobs and whether or not your current job would suffice to fend for the family. Discussion of salaries and jobs is crucial.

2.Location Of Marriage: The marriage location should be ideal for both parties. Make sure you don’t have it at a god forsaken place where people miss out simply because they fail to find the place.

3.Style Of Marriage: Different religions have different marriage styles. As a couples, it is important to discuss the style of marriage, especially the essentials of the ceremony so that it is compatible to both parties- the groom and the bride.

4.Bank Balances: Well, this discussion entails the one pertaining to salaries and jobs. You ought to know how much your partner is making and bank balances are basis to further discussions on wedding planning, parents, home etc.

5.Debt: Debts can be a huge problem in the case of arranged marriages, especially in the Indian community where people do not reveal the amount of outstanding debt on their heads. Make sure you are completely aware of your partner’s financial status.

6.Household responsibility: If responsibility isn’t divided before marriage, it will end up becoming a major problem later. So make sure this is one of the things you discuss before marriage.

7.Your Dream Home: So where do you and your partner wish to stay? Discussion on the home you are going to be staying post marriage is a very important topic that needs discussion before marriage, for it requires balancing out savings, investments and earnings.

8.Children: Most couples keep this discussion for later, soon figuring out that the “later” would end up being too late. Discussion on children is a must before marriage, something most couples do not concretely discuss, leading to undesirable confusion and distress.

9.Schooling: This discussion should follow discussion on children. With proper planing, you can accumulate the finances that are required to send your child to the dream school.

10.Future Career Prospects: Future career prospects are another important topic of discussion couples shouldn’t ignore. It is important for your partner to know what career prospects are in store for you especially with regard to ensuring your family’s financial security.

11.Investments: The investments you have made and are intending to make in the future to secure your family’s financial prospects is crucial. The amount of money required to balance out several aspects in the future can be met effectively with the investments you and your partner choose to make.

12.Sex: Physical attraction is key to sustaining a relationship. Sexual needs differ from couples to couple and is something that needs discussion.

13.Family Obligations: Everybody has family obligations. It is important for you and your partner to know what each of your family’s obligations are. In this context, family obligations pertain to parents, brothers, sisters etc.

14.Which One Of Your Salaries Will Go Out To Investments and Expenditures: If both you and your partner are earning, it is essential to determine which one of your salaries will go for household expenses and which one of your salaries will go toward investments.

15.Vacations: This is the fun part. Choosing how many vacations and stuff is an exciting prospect to discuss about. Your honeymoon is a vacation too, remember.

These are the things that couples should not neglect before marriage.