Things That Women Hide From Men

Relationship experts claim that no man can actually know what a woman hides deep inside the darker chambers of her heart. In fact, even they don’t know why they are so mysterious.Here are some things that women hide from men.

Things that women hide from men are:

1.Her past flings- you are free to believe that she has told you everything. But its a fact that girls tend to hide some of the wild things they did during youth. They fear judgement. You might judge her character and she hates it. Therefore, that side of her personality will not be revealed to you.

2.She would hate to reveal her beauty formula or that which makes her beautiful. She wants you to believe that she is naturally stunning.

3.She wants you to pay the bill even if she says she will. If you let her pay the bill, you will be gradually treated like an idiot.

4.She proudly shows your love letters or mails to her friends. She feels great when she does so.

5.Her ex is important to her. Digest the fact that she enjoyed life even before you got in. She still treasures some experiences though she acts as if she put her past aside. A woman will always be a mystery and you will never be able to decode here inner realms.

6.She never tells you how many men she has actually been with.

7.She compares your overall status with here ex-boyfriend’s to judge whether she has taken a right decision.

8.She fantasises about other men when she is spending her time with you. Don’t worry; this too is normal.

9.No matter how much she loves her sister, she might not like it if you praise her sister in front of her. She may act normal but she will take revenge later on. Her sister is her rival.

10.She tells her bestie everything, even about your actual size down there. Don’t panic. This is normal.

These are the things that women hide from men.