Tips To Deal With Changes In Marriage After Baby

What happens to your marriage after having a baby? Some would say it grows stronger and some would say it causes a rift. But the fact of the matter is that married life changes after baby comes into it. Adjustment in marriage is always there but after the baby is born there is a period of re-adjustment. The dynamics of marriage after a baby changes totally. There is a new member who will try make his/her own space in the family.Here are some changes that happen in marriage after baby.

Tips to deal with changes in marriage after baby are:

1.The High Points In Marriage After Baby: As soon as a baby is born you become one word from two individuals; ‘parents’. This binds you in away that nothing else can.The baby is your miracle, your unique genetic combination. This will have both of you excited for month finding the baby’s similarity with yourself. That helps a couple grow.Even if you are not getting along now the responsibility of the baby will make you stick together. A baby in that case helps save a failing marriage.You will have to share your responsibilities for the baby. One parent will watch over the baby when the other sleeps. This helps a couple learn to co-ordinate even otherwise.

2.Marriage Problems After Having A Baby:Any kind of change in marriage is accompanied by friction. Changes after baby are big changes and there will be lots and lots of friction between the mother and father after the baby is born.You both will have different plans for the baby. You might thing that breastfeeding the child for as long as possible is good thing and your partner might disagree.Difference of opinion is always a problem in marriage but it will be aggravated after the baby arrives. This is because both parents are passionate about the baby.Having a baby is a stressful affair. You will be able to sleep small hours, the baby will need constant attention and this will take a toll on your body making you irritable. You will snap at each others minor mistakes and it will become a big issue.

The mother has a tendency to get so attached to the baby that she forgets all else. If a woman ignores her duties as a wife after becoming a mother then the marriage after baby will suffer. On the contrary if the father neglects his wife for the baby, she might go into depression. A woman’s mental state is very fragile after having a baby and that needs to be kept in mind.Another change after baby is born is in physical love. Both parents and especially the mother is so tired after the delivery and caring for the baby that lovemaking goes out of the picture. The mothers physical condition diminishes her libido and that could lead to serious relationship problems.

These are the tips to deal with changes in marriage after baby.