Tips To Diagnose Early Asthma In Children

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that can affect any age group. It is important to diagnose asthma in the childhood itself to ensure proper treatment and management. Asthma often needs long term treatment and medications. Diagnosis of asthma in children is mainly based on the clinical symptoms and diagnostic test results.Expert pediatricians tell that children who are exposed to allergens tend to have asthma in an early age, especially if they are allergy prone. Genetics and environmental factors are also factors that can lead to asthma.Here are some tips to diagnose early asthma in children.

Tips to diagnose early asthma in children are:

1.Physical examination: When a child coughs severely at night with trouble in breathing, you have to consult a doctor. Whistling sound during breathing is also a common finding of asthma. Through close examination, doctor will understand the severity of the illness. This is one of the best ways to diagnose asthma in children.

2.Non-seasonal symptoms: Pollen allergy is generally mistaken for asthma. While pollen symptoms occur seasonally during the time of blooming of any particular flower, asthma symptoms are non-seasonal. Watch the symptoms very closely and carefully to make an early diagnosis.

3.Frequent respiratory infections: Frequent respiratory infections are considered as a risk factor for the development of asthma. Infections and inflammations will make the airway blocked, causing breathing difficulties. So, if your child is having this symptom along with associated breathing difficulties, you can suspect asthma.

4.Spirometry test: With a spirometer, the child’s lung is examined thoroughly to determine the lung capacity. It is a breathing analysis method that can be done for children above the age of 5. Through this test, doctors will be able to diagnose asthma properly.

5.Exhaled nitric oxide: By exhaled nitric oxide test, you can find whether the child has airway inflammation. A mouth piece is kept and the child must breathe into it. Exhaled breath is collected and tested for the level of nitric oxide. This is one of the ways to diagnose asthma in toddlers.

6.Chest X-rays:One of the easiest and simplest methods to diagnose asthma is to take a chest x-ray. This can be done for children as well as for adults. For children above five years, chest X-ray is an easy and reliable diagnostic method for detecting asthma.

These are the tips to diagnose early asthma in children.