Tips To Know That Your Marriage Is Healthy Or Not

Healthy marriage is quite different from a happy marriage. Often the first stage of marriage when a couple have the maximum number of fights is also the happiest part of their marriage. You can be happy in a marriage if all your needs are met. But, healthy relationships are much more than just needs and their gratification.If you have reached a stable stage in marriage, then may be this is the right time to take a test to see if your relationship is healthy.Here are some tips to know that your marriage is healthy or not.

Tips to know that your marriage is healthy or not are:

1.Your husband takes an ‘all boys’ trip with his male friends and you use the time to catch with family. It means that you both have got used to the idea of giving each other space and even enjoy your own personal space. Space is a key ingredient in every healthy marriage.

2.You can turn down your respective friends’ offers for a night out to have dinner together. This shows that although you have your independent friend circles, you still like to spend time together. Doing things together and enjoying it, is also a vital part of being married.

3.You see your husband walk out of his office with a stunningly beautiful woman but don’t ask him who she was. It shows that you are not in an insecure relationship. During the course of our career, we all meet attractive people. That should not unsettle our spouses or make them insecure. If your relationship is healthy, insecurity will never find any place in your marriage.

4.You go to pick up your wife from the airport. Though she can manage to come home on her own, you pick her up. It shows that you still care for each other in a passionate way. You know she is an independent woman and can find her way home, but you probably go to the airport just to see her a few hours sooner.

5.You share the passwords of your bank accounts and investments with your spouse. Trust is a very important element in any stage of marriage. Especially when it comes to your hard earned money, trust means the biggest honour. If you can trust each other with your money, they you can trust each other with anything.

These are the tips to know your marriage is healthy or not.