Tips & Tricks to charm your In-Laws

There are certain ladies who are born to rule. She wants to rule over her son, his wife and later, the little one in the family. The clash of chivalry sandwiched between the mother inlaw and daughter inlaw is a universal phenomenon. If we look into the crux of this rivalry, no one has escaped these fights (including my mom). To marry the man of your dreams is just not the perfect ending of your love story; if you don’t have the good impression on your Saasu Maa… Your marriage will soon convert into a nightmare. Hence, I round up top ten ways to impress your mother in law.

 Do Your Through Homework

You don’t want to get into a controversial topic at your first encounter with her. Ask your husband about her likes/dislikes. If the daily soaps interest her… You can gossip about your favourite characters. Right?

Bring Gifts For Her

You just returned from your honeymoon trip you bring a beautiful and use ful gift for your mother in law. Isn’t that a token of love for her? Everyone loves gifts.

Dress Well

Don’t wear clothes which are not ironed, avoid wearing skimpy clothes and uncombed hair is a big no-no. Don’t reveal your pierced belly button on the first day. It may be a sign of eruption!

Don’t Contend With Her

You have to admit the fact that they are your smart moms. Thus, don’t try to teach her how to cook rather than taking recipes from her. Praise her dishes, take cooking tips from her. A little buttering doesn’t harm, does it?

Praise Her Son

The golden rule of a Saas-Bahu relationship is to praise her son as much as you can. There is nothing more faltering than hearing “goodies” about her son. After all “blood is thicker than water”.

Ring Her Often

You are out for a dinner party make sure your mom in law has taken her dinner. Remind her about her daily dose of medicines. Don’t wait for her to buzz you.

Seek Her Advice

Does this book shelf go with our sitting room? These lil advices will strengthen a inlaws relationship for sure.

Don’t Argue Publically

Steaming up on a hot debatable issue on a family gathering would not be a nifty idea even though you need to bite your tongue. If you learn to confront her. You have banged the jackpot.

Help Her In Kitchen

Recall, she was the head chef before you entered in the family. Follow her cooking style. Once the master chef is impressed.You will go places.