To Combat Diseases Add These Natural Foods In Your Daily Diet

Embracing natural ingredients is the most intelligent step that one can take to lead a fulfilling, happier and healthier lifestyle. According to a few scientific studies, our food should include any one of the 6 tastes namely sweet, sour, bitter pungent and astringent. Also, if we incorporate the right kind of foods in our diet, we can be free from many of the today’s ailments that make us suffer.Some studies suggest those foods that are easily available and mostly found in the corner of our kitchen shelves whose value we may not be aware of.Here are some natural foods to add in your daily diet to combat diseases.

Natural foods to add in your daily diet to combat diseases are:

1.Green Chilli: Green chillies offer immense health benefits, which may leave one astounded. It is packed with antioxidants that help to strengthen the immune system, thus protecting us from various diseases. Since it is rich in vitamin C, it ensures a smooth breathing process, avoiding any congestion problems. It also aids in clearing the skin.

2.Turmeric: Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric has excellent healing powers. It also aids in the smooth digestion of proteins. Affectionately called the “spice of life”, it ensures the purification of blood. It can be easily added to the diet we follow by sprinkling it on our curries and gravies.

3.Ginger: Though the healing properties of ginger are a well-known fact, we would like to list out some of its many beneficial effects on our system. Ginger aids in the smooth digestion and is a cure for many gastrointestinal problems. It also acts effectively on the rheumatic disorders and inflammatory conditions. Also, it ensures fast recovery of several common ailments like nausea, cold and motion sickness. Being easily available, it is a must include natural ingredient in our daily diet.

4.Cumin: Cumin also acts as an epitome of goodness to our body. Be it in digestion or the removal of toxins from our body, cumin plays a perfect role in their smooth process. Let us see how? The pungent taste of cumin ensures that the food we eat is well digested, as it increases the blood flow in the digestive organs. Also, it sees to it that there is no trouble of bloating or gas formation in our tummy. Its bitter taste also does a whole lot of good for the skin, some of which are listed below:Opens the skin pores, Restores the skin colour after a cold weather, Revitalizes the skin.

5.Coriander Seeds: Your skin would love to include these seeds in your diet, as it cures several ailments like eczema, rashes and itchiness. Being rich in antiseptic properties, it ensures a healthy skin. Also, it has linolenic acid which aids in relieving pain due to irritation instantly. Diabetic patients would find it extremely useful to add them in their diet, as it ensures the proper levels of glucose in the blood. The antioxidative properties and dietary fibres of the coriander seeds ensure the smooth functioning of the liver and in maintaining proper bowel movements.

6.Garlic: This is one of the foods strongly recommended by the experts. Garlic possesses five out of the six tastes, as mentioned earlier, except the sour one. It is extremely good for the eyes and skin. It also helps in the reduction of cholesterol levels and in flushing out the toxins from our body.

These are the natural foods to add in your daily diet to combat diseases.