Uthra murder case: Accused Sooraj publicly confesses to crime

Kollam: In the snakebite murder case, the accused Sooraj has publicly confessed to murdering his wife Uthra.

Sooraj confessed to the crime in front of the media during evidence collection.

The case surfaced after Uthra’s parents filed a complaint a week after her death. They alleged that Sooraj and his family members often harassed her for dowry. The couple had got married two years ago and has a one-year-old son.

Later, probe revealed that Sooraj had bought a cobra from a snake handler for Rs 10,000. On May 6, he reportedly took the snake to Uthra’s paternal house in Anchal, where she was undergoing treatment for the first snake bite. The police said after Uthra fell asleep, Sooraj allegedly took out the snake from the bottle and threw it on her.

Later, he also said Uthra was sedated by lacing sleeping pills in her food.

He told police he kept awake all night to ensure that he could escape unscathed. He left the room in the morning and started reading a newspaper in the verandah as if nothing happened.

Soon, Uthra’s mother found her daughter lying unconscious in the bed. She was rushed to a hospital, where doctors said she died of a snake bite.

Later, the cobra was found from Uthra’s room and killed.


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