Vijay Mallya not being extradited to India anytime soon

New Delhi: Business tycoon Vijay Mallya, who was denied permission last month to appeal to the Supreme Court in United Kingdom against an extradition order by High Court in London, cannot be sent back unless a 'further legal issue' is resolved, the British High Commission has told, stressing that the 'issue is confidential'.

"Vijay Mallya last month lost his appeal against extradition and was refused permission to appeal to the United Kingdom's Supreme Court. However, there is a further legal issue that needs to be resolved before Mallya's extradition can be arranged," a British High Commission spokesperson told.

"Under the U.K law, extradition cannot take place until it is resolved. The issue is confidential and we cannot go into details. We cannot estimate how long this issue will take to resolve. We are seeking to deal with this as quickly as possible," the spokesperson added. Desk: Asianet Online