Wayanad village devastated by landslide


Often referred to as the poor man's Ooty, Meppadi in Kerala's Wayanad district has seen its entire look change after a massive landslide triggered by heavy rains and floods.

Over 1,000 people are marooned in Wayanad.

Since the past two days, residents of Meppadi's Puthumala village, mostly tea estate workers, are facing the brunt of heavy rains and the floods in their wake, which have devastated the settlement.

"Following the landslide, the small hill on which Puthumala stands - between two big hills - is now just a pile of mud and water. Such has been the destruction," Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the media in Thiruvananthapuram.

A woman victim said that the landslide occurred in a flash.

"My husband, my child and I were witness... it all began with a huge sound and the next moment we were all running away to safety," she said.

A mosque, two temples and several houses in which tea estate labourers stay have all buried.

As the landslide occurred, people started running to safety and their first place of refuge was the local forest office. By now, around 1,000 people have been moved to relief camps in nearby areas.

Around 500 of those marooned in Meppadi have been moved to relief camps. A medical professional of the state government who is giving the required medical attention told the media that even though there are no serious ailments, all of them are in a state of mental shock.

Spotted in a relief camp were a young couple from Assam who said they are lucky to have survived this tragedy.