Ways to keep attract by your Husband

One of the greatest fears that most women have post marriage is that of losing the charm in their relationship. They believe that once the honeymoon phase is over and both partners get back to their daily normal lives, the husband won’t be as interested in his wife anymore. This isn’t entirely true, but there’s no harm in keeping up your charms. Even after years of marriage it’s always nice to keep the attraction alive for your partner. Here are some tips to keep your husband attracted to you.

Look great all the time

The first time that he approached you ever, was probably because you were looking ever so stunning. You used to have a killer dressing sense, which used to help you stand apart in the crowd. Keep that dressing sense intact, with slight amount of sexiness and seductiveness here and there, so that your husband always sees that young hot and pretty girl in you, which he saw before marriage. Yes, pressures after marriage increase, and more so, once you have kids. But a little effort into looking good can help you get those cute compliments from him once in a while, a little hug or a kiss before leaving for a party, or a slight naughty comment while returning home from dinner etc.

Keep the sex alive!

Women tend to start fading out in bed, some years after marriage. Don’t let that happen to yourself! Even if your husband has come back after a really tiring day at work, he might still be interested in seeing the animal in you, and wouldn’t mind a naughty role-play. Keep the naughty, seductive techniques alive for as many years as you can. So at the back of his head, he will know and remember that you are the goddess who controls him in bed. Unleash your wild side and keep him attracted to you forever!

Spend quality time together

It’s important to take breaks once in a while from your hectic schedules to plan a small holiday together. This is important, not only for you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but also for you to spend quality time together. Mutually decide on a destination that you both want to explore and plan out things that you’d do there together. Keep the young couple alive in you, by going for adventure trips, nightclubs, theme parks and a lot more.

Be more interested in him

As years pass by, husbands expect their wives to be more and more interested in their life, and the way they are thinking. Take interest in what he feels like doing in life, whether he has plans of changing a job, whether he wants to retire now or later etc. Also take interest in his hobbies and suggest ways in which he can make time for them. Be there for him all the time, so that he gradually realizes that he is dependent on you for his mental peace. Be his emotional support, and his best buddy.