Ways to Get Out of a Bad Relationship

Life is not as sweet as we think, and most people do not stay with us forever. If you are in a bad relationship with your partner, you don’t have to wait for him to be the one to leave. You need to take the step yourself, and should walk out of the relationship on your own. Here are some ways in which you can gather courage and do so.

Make him realize what’s going wrong

There is a possibility that your partner is either too vulnerable, or too violent to let you walk out in front of him that easily. In cases like these, you need to sit together, sort out your minds, and write down on a piece of paper the issues which you argue about. Also list down the pros and cons of your relationship. Keeping the immense love that you have for each other aside, look at the logical reasons and see how incompatible you are. Point out that incompatibility to him, and sooner or later he will understand that he needs to let you go.

 Take external help

If you are in a relationship where he is threatening you or abusing you, don’t be afraid to take help from the police. You can’t be in a relationship because of the fear of the other person. It may seem to you that once you stay back, things might get better. However, a violent person doesn’t carry a guarantee card stating his specific times of attack, and you never know when you might end up being the victim again.

Call it quits

You may have had fights and arguments almost all the time, and may have said to each other that there is no point in being together. You must have broken up for a couple of days, and must have again got back together. Now, this cycle of breakups and patch ups HAS TO end. You need to call it quits, once and for all. Once you have packed your bags, settled all bills and returned the apartment keys to him, all that’s left is to say bye and walk out. There shouldn’t be any looking back after that. And if you don’t substantiate your statements with bold moves and actions, then he is bound to think that this one of those times when you are angrily breaking up, and will eventually come back. Don’t let him think that way.

Go for therapy

If the issue is not that of violence between you and your partner, and both of you only have a problem separating from each other, knowing that it’s good for you, then you should ideally take help of a counselor. Therapy will help you both accept each other as normal, regular people, minus being in a relationship, and soon, you will be able to lead your individual lives happily, without any bad relationship issues haunting you all the time.

Don’t be afraid to tell your family

If you were hiding your relationship all this while from your family, then maybe this is time to come clean with them and take their help. Family help is bigger and better than any other kind of help. They’ll protect you and keep you safe, and will make sure that no harm happens to you, come what may. In fact, your family will also help you get assistance from the police, which you may otherwise not be able to do alone.

Bad relationships can give you bitter memories for a lifetime, and can stop you from entering any other relationship in your life ever. Don’t let that kind of damage happen to you. Make a bold move, take a decision, and end the bad relationship. After a little amount of misery, there is again a new, brighter tomorrow to look forward to.