Ways That Love Lubricates Relationship

All of us are different. We tend to grow up in different circumstances and cultures. So, when two people come together due to attraction and start a relationship or marry each other, the rest of the story depends upon how much they love each other.Without true love, relationships tend to crash once the physical attraction wanes. But when there is something else which is more powerful than physical attraction, then relationships are bound to last longer than expectations.Here are some ways that love lubricates relationship.

Ways that love lubricates relationship are:

1.When There Is Love: Your arguments will be settled amicably. You tend to forgive your partner’s rage and will still love her immensely.

2.You Will Understand: You will understand your partner’s point of view. You will wisely take decisions giving more importance to your partner’s happiness putting aside yours as love is the only joy you will enjoy.

3.You Will Be More Compassionate: When there is compassion, there will be growth and harmony. Your partner’s mistakes will be easily forgiven when love is present in your relationship.

4.You Will Support Your Partner: You might need to sacrifice your career for your partner or your partner might need to sacrifice his or her career. It is possible only if you love each other.

5.You Don’t Need Lubricants: This is a more of a physical issue. Many reports suggest that more than 30% of the women in this world fail to reach orgasms as their men seldom turn them on before making love. But when there is love, the turning on process gets effortless and you will never require lubricants to smoothly do the job.

6.Your Children Respect You: Kids never respect fighting parents. But when you love each other, your kids will proudly tell the world that they grew up with the right set of values.

7.The Society Respects You: Quarreling couple will soon lose respect in social circles. But loving couples will always be respected and loved by everyone around.

8.You Will Become Role Models: Pure love is the only emotion that is respected universally. If you are a loving couple, many people will try to learn things from you and will start respecting the institution of marriage.

These are the ways that love lubricates relationship.