Ways That Obesity Affects Pregnancy

Most of the women tend to get obese during pregnancy. There is a lot of difference between healthy-weight and over-weight gain during pregnancy.Obesity not only affects the health but also increases the complications during pregnancy term. Dealing with pregnancy obesity is a major task.Here are some ways that obesity affects pregnancy.

Ways that obesity affects pregnancy are:

1.Complications During Pregnancy: Some of the most common complications of obesity in pregnancy are caused due to over weight gain are gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, caesarean delivery, and post-partum weight retention.

2.Affects On Foetus: Not only does the obesity pose a great threat to the mother’s health but also to the life and well-being of the foetus.

3.Premature Delivery: This is one of the most common ways how obesity affects pregnancy. The obesity during pregnancy can lead to increased chances for pre-term labour and pre-mature delivery.

4.Still Birth: Dealing with pregnancy obesity can be difficult but it poses a great threat to the foetus as the child may be still born.

5.Child Suffering From Obesity: It is known scientifically that a child with obese mother during pregnancy s more likely to suffer from obesity during childhood and adolescence.

6.Congenital Abnormalities: The neural tube effects are much more in obese women than in others making the child more prone to congenial defects.

7.Lower Detection Rate: The radio diagnostics are unable to detect the abnormalities that the child might be suffering from in case of a women suffering from obesity.

8.Gestational Diabetes: Dealing with pregnancy obesity is highly essential as nearly all the obese mothers might suffer from gestational diabetes during pregnancy and hence, increasing their risk of diabetes in the future as well.

9.Hypertension: Gestational hypertension is most commonly witnessed in the mothers dealing with pregnancy obesity.

10.Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is characterized by the high blood pressure and other organ difficulties such as malfunctioning of the kidneys.Dealing with pregnancy obesity is difficult but necessary due to its preeclampsia effects which can be life threatening for both the foetus and mother.

11.Spontaneous Abortion: Miscarriages are very common effect of obesity during pregnancy. Also, the IVF treatments have shown fewer improvements in such cases.

12.Over Or Under Due Pregnancy: Dealing with pregnancy obesity is important as it might cause the pregnancy to either stretch beyond the due date or get terminated early by premature labour.

13.Medicinal Block: The obesity during pregnancy could lead to medicinal blocks such epidural resistance etc.

14.Infections: Pregnancy obesity could often cause frequent urinary tract infections. Also, affecting the risk of C-section delivery over vaginal.

15.Intra-Partum Affects: The doctors find it extremely difficult to predict the weight of the fetus due to obesity hence, adding to the complications.

16.Heart Rate Of The Foetus: The NST machine is unable to detect the heart rate of the fetus in pregnancy obesity.

17.Anaesthesia: Different types of anaesthesia administration have to be done for obese women such as spinal anaesthesia.

18.Delivery: The women dealing with pregnancy obesity might face a greater risk of caesarian delivery or complications during vaginal delivery.

These are the ways that obesity affects pregnancy.