Ways To Deal With A Talkative Friend

Friends are a part of life. You stay with them, enjoy with them and share your good as well as bad days with them. However, these friends have something that can be liked or hated. It can be the attitude towards a thing or some habits that might annoy you. Being talkative is great because you won’t realise how the time will pass by. Talkative friends can be pain for you at times. You cannot stop them from continuing their habit of chatting non-stop.Here are some ways to deal with a talkative fried.

Ways to deal with talkative friend are:

1.Excuse yourself: When you realise that your friend is chatting non-stop, it is time to skip from that place, you can excuse yourself from listening to your friend’s boring gossips by committing yourself to the phone or looking at the girl on television. Your energetic friend will gradually feel that you are not interested to hear whatever he or she says.

2.Avoid: If your friend is talking without looking at your negative gestures, it is best to avoid such company. You do not need to severe all ties with him or her. Just avoid when your friend starts turning into a chatter box. Giving attention to whatever he or she says will motivate your friend to talk more. So, stop responding to the friend and see a change that will come gradually.

3.Stop: Sometimes you have to stop your talkative friend. Being honest will make your friend understand his or her flaw. You can either stop directly or use some smart skills to prevent the friend from talking again and again. Involve your friend in some work so that he or she gets less time to talk to you. Otherwise, stop him or her directly. Confront your friend and explain how his or her habit is affecting you. Make sure you are gentle enough otherwise, you might end up losing your friend.

4.Change the topic: When your friend is talking rubbish on a useless topic, you have to take an initiative to change the topic. Talk about something that will make your friend listen to you. Discuss on a topic on which your friend doesn’t have sound knowledge. You would get a break from his or her talks.

5.Be involved with your work: Be engaged with your gadget when your friend starts talking on something unimportant. Paying more attention would only encourage your talkative friend to continue on his or her brilliant skills. When your friend will see you working alone, he or she will come to help you.

These are the ways to deal with a talkative friend.