3-yr-old dies after swallowing coin; 3 hospitals denied treatment

Aluva: A three-year-old boy from Kadungalloor in Aluva died after he swallowed a coin.

The family has alleged that the child was taken to three government hospitals but was not given any treatment.

The child, named Prithviraj, swallowed the coin on Saturday morning and was first rushed to the Aluva district hospital, but the hospital directed them to the Ernakulam General hospital as they did not have a pediatric surgeon.

The parents allege that the Ernakulam General hospital too told them that the child just needs to eat bananas and the coin will be discharged through the excreta.

Finally, the child’s parents – Nandini and Raja – rushed him to the Alappuzha Medical College which is around 70 km away.

The parents were informed that there was nothing to worry and a surgery can be considered after three days. This hospital too, the parents allege, advised them to feed him bananas. After going back home, Prithviraj’s condition worsened by the evening and died on Sunday morning.


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