Fun Ways to Spend Your Time When Home Alone

1. Paint

You can fancy yourself to be an artist and paint on a canvas or you can just make your bare walls your canvas. It is your place and you can feel free to paint whatever you want to. Sometimes your walls may actually need a coat of paint and you can finally get it done or you can make it fun and just get a mural done.

2.Get into photography

You do not need to be a photographer to try out taking a few pictures. You also do not have to have a great camera. You can use your camera phone or just a point and shoot. You will be amazed at the number of interesting things you can shoot in your house.

3.Start writing

There is a writer in every one of us. Good or bad, it is not for us to decide or for that matter others. You can write about anything. You can write a novel, a short story, a work of fiction or even your autobiography. If you do not plan to publish it, add as many as salacious details as you can. This also gives you the freedom to bitch about people you cannot stand.

4.Rearrange your wardrobe

Go through your wardrobe. Take them all out. You will find new things to wear as well as find out new combinations to try on. Bring out the old clothes from the attic too. Fashion is all about recycling. You will end up with a lot of new/old clothes to wear when you go out later. Model your clothes. This just takes up your time and you will enjoy trying out all your old clothes.

5.Try a really complicated dish

Try cooking something really complicated. Try to get it right as there are few things in life that can match the joy of getting a complicated dish right the first time.