Avoid These Foods While Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Nursing moms are usually aware of what to consume at the time of breast-feeding their infants. It is best to avoid certain types of foods which is unhealthy for the baby and that can be passed through your breast milk. However, these new mothers may not realize that certain types of foods they eat can also cause some unwanted effects for their nursing baby.Many new mothers will find that after eating certain types of foods, their baby refuses the breast or appears fussy after their feedings. There is a list of certain foods which are known for their ability to upset your baby's tiny tummies or irritate the mood. If you aware of certain types of foods to avoid during breast-feeding your infant, it is essential that you follow it strictly.Knowing what foods to avoid while breastfeeding your newborn baby is an important part of a successful nursing experience for new mothers. The next time if you notice your baby appears fussy and you have nursed him or her it may be time to pay closer attention to what you are eating on a daily diet.Here are some foods to avoid while breastfeeding your newborn.

Food to avoid while breastfeeding your newborn are:

1.Citrus fruits: The first on the list food to avoid for new mothers while breast feeding is all types of citrus fruits. The compounds present in the citrus fruits may irritate your newborn and cause your him/her to be fussy throughout the day. Citrus fruits also leads to diaper rash and a lot of spitting up. You need to turn to other sources of Vitamin C foods like papaya and mango.

2.Gassy Foods: It is best for new mothers to avoid all types of gassy foods while breast feeding your newborn. Vegetables that contain high fiber are a strict no for lactating mothers. Avoid vegetables like bell peppers and radish. Gassy foods will give your baby an upset stomach.

3.Caffeine: During pregnancy, women are not allowed to drink coffee. If you have been waiting for nine months to sip on a cup of coffee, wait for a few more months to indulge in caffeine after you are done breast-feeding. Drinking caffeine beverages will create a cranky and irritable baby. It will also keep him awake during his/her sleeping hours.

4.Spicy Foods: This is not the best choice of food when you are breast-feeding your infant. The intake of spicy food will make your baby fussy after nursing. It is best to avoid spicy food while breast-feeding your newborn.

5.Alcohol: It was believed that drinking an occasional glass of wine would pose no risk while breast-feeding your infant. But, if you consume a larger amount of alcohol it will lead to an abnormal weight gain in the infant.

6.Allergy foods: If you are prone to having food allergies your baby may be susceptible to the allergen through your breast milk. One common food to avoid while breast feeding your newborn is nuts. It is believed that nuts cause a common allergens in babies. They can occur even if there is no family history of nut allergies.

7.Garlic: Are you longing for a hot slice of garlic bread, stop that craving! It is said that new mothers should avoid this food while breast feeding your newborn as it garlicky foods often leads to breast milk taking on the slight flavour of garlic odour and your baby might not like the taste of it.

8.Junk food: We all know that junk food contains no healthy sources of protein in it. Therefore, it is advisable to stay avoid from junk foods while breast feeding your newborn baby. Even if you have to eat a little bit of junk food now and again, you should realise that your baby is consuming unhealthy calories.

9.Certain types of fish: Consuming fish which is high in mercury presents the possibility of passing the mercury to your baby through your breast milk. It is said that high mercury levels in the body can alter the normal growth of the brain and nervous system of your baby. So it is very important to avoid fish like canned tuna and salmon.

10.Broccoli: For those new mothers who do not like that taste of broccoli, it is an advantage. This green vegetable, broccoli creates a lot of gas and thus will lead to irritable bloated and gassy babies.

11.Wheat: If you eat a sandwich before a nursing session it will result to an inconsolable crying baby. It can also lead to a wheat allergy and thus result to bleeding stools and abdominal pain in your infant.

12.Dairy Products: You may think that consuming a good amount of dairy products can help increase the flow of your milk. This is one of the foods to avoid while breast feeding your infant as dairy products like ice cream and cheese can cause an allergy. It is also believed that many babies are intolerant to cow's milk-based formulas.

13.Corn: If you consume corn based foods it will lead to a baby's discomfort and a sudden appearance of diaper rashes.

14.Peppermint: Post pregnancy, there are some new mothers who long for the taste of pepper mint. Consuming any source of peppermint can cause your baby to cry often. It is best to avoid any type of peppermint foods while breastfeeding your infant. Peppermint can also interfere with milk production and diminish the milk supply.

15.Chocolate: Having a piece of chocolate holds equal amount of caffeine which is present in coffee and soda.

These are the foods to avoid while breastfeeding newborn.