Benefits of Burst Training Workouts

Burst training is a form of workout where you exercise to your maximum capacity –a high intensity workout for about 30-60 seconds and then rest for a couple of minutes and then repeat the whole process three to four times a day.Overdoing it in an attempt to burn more fat or lose weight will only result in you hurting yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be in a gym or have specific equipment.

1.Lose weight without the negative effects that come with cardio exercises

Cardio vascular exercises are said to increase your stress hormone cortisol and also decrease testosterone levels. Also long periods of aerobic exercises results in inflammation on the joints. Burst exercise however is safe as compulsory rest is a must after each high intensity workout.

2.Do it in the comfort of your home

You don’t have to hit the gym regularly or even go outside although running up and down the stairs is a good option. You can do burst training workouts within your home and still get the same benefits. You can save money by not going to the gym and also the guilt feeling when you pay ahead and never use the gym.

3.Produces a unique metabolic reaction in your body

When you do a burst training workout, you do not lose so much fat during the exercising, but your metabolic rate stays up even while you are resting burning all the excess fat. This rate stays on till your next workout after a day or two.

4.Faster fat burning in problem areas

 Burst training workouts help produce a chemical called catecholamine which allows more fat to be burnt. It helps especially for women as more fat is burnt in the legs and the buttocks which are the usual suspects for fat deposits.

5.Less time

You spend very less time on burst training workouts compared to other exercises, but still end up getting more benefits that are also healthy. It burns up to 36% more fat that cardio exercises Burst training is like training for sprinting rather than training for a marathon. Less time and more effective and it isn’t exactly new. Top athletes have been doing this for years to keep them fit and faster.