Does It Safe To Eat Celery During Pregnancy

The vegetable plant celery belongs to the Apiaceae family and is a native to the regions of Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. However, nowadays celery is found everywhere and in all parts of the universe.This popular vegetable is used in a variety of cultural cuisines as well. Moreover, since celery is devoid of any fat content, a majority of the people enjoy it as a snack as well.Celery is a very common vegetable, which is mixed with salads, soups; and sometimes pregnant women also crave for it. However, do you know whether it is safe to eat celery or not while you are pregnant?

Does it have side effects or does it offer a lot of health benefits during pregnancy? Well, if you are not able to decide what the truth is, let us delve deep into the facts about celery and how it benefits you in your pregnancy.

Is it Safe to Consume Celery While You Are Expecting? It is totally safe to gorge on celery while you are pregnant. Yet, you must wash the plant thoroughly prior to eating because there may be numerous dangerous bacteria and parasites in unwashed celery, due to which you may have to put up with perilous diseases like toxoplasmosis, listeriosis, etc., in your pregnancy. Just make sure to ask your doctor before you consume it during your pregnancy phase.

Benefits of Consuming Celery during Pregnancy: The following are the various benefits of eating celery during your pregnancy period: 1) Celery acts as a healthy snack, which is loaded with potassium, Vitamin C and folic acid. It is also rich in water content and hence is very low in calories and fats. Celery is recommended by a few doctors as an awesome snack to be had during pregnancy, which is equivalent to the intake of about 4-5 cups of veggies and fruits.

Celery is rich in fibre that helps you to avert constipation and haemorrhoids all through your pregnancy. Celery keeps your stomach full for extended periods of time.Helps to keep your blood sugar level under control. The phthalides present in celery help control your blood pressure by trimming down the stress hormones and improving your blood circulation.

Celery abounds with calcium that aids in soothing your nerves in your pregnancy and also encourages a robust nervous system. Celery helps to keep your weight in check. Make sure to drink a glass of freshly made celery juice prior to your main meals. This will help you to maintain the right weight during your pregnancy period and keep excess weight gain under control.Celery helps reduce your cholesterol levels. The phthalides present in it cause the bile secretion, which aids in reducing your cholesterol levels in pregnancy. The Vitamin C present in celery aids in boosting your immunity and lowers the risk of cold and cough throughout your pregnancy period. The antioxidants present in celery increase your body's immunity and defend you and your little one from various health ailments and disorders.Since celery lowers your cholesterol levels, this in turn guarantees less plaque deposit on the artery walls. Therefore, it also helps to improve the health of your heart to a large extent.

Ways To Add Celery To Your Diet: There are several ways you can consume celery during your pregnancy. You can try dipping the celery plant/vegetable in peanut butter to make your snack protein-enriched. You can also dip the celery in some veggie dip in order to enhance its taste. In addition, you must consume a balanced diet during your pregnancy, which must comprise a variety of veggies and fruits. If you are still hesitant about consuming celery during pregnancy, consulting your doctor can be the best option to clear all sorts of doubts.