Eating Tips For Pregnant Women During Festive Season

Eating healthy is very important during pregnancy. This is extremely essential for the development of the child. Mothers should be very careful with everything they do and especially with what they eat as this will help to develop a healthier generation.One of the main challenges during pregnancy is to ensure that you maintain the same healthy eating habits during any festive season.A festive season usually involves a lot of rich foods and lavish preparations. Many a times, you won't be able to resist yourself. For someone who is not pregnant, healthy eating during festive season is close to impossible. So for a pregnant woman, it will be very difficult to fight her cravings.All you need to do is follow some healthy eating tips that will lead you to have a safe pregnancy and also enjoy your holidays with family and friends simultaneously. This is necessary because during your pregnancy, you are prone to food borne diseases as the foetus doesn’t have a fully developed immune system.Here are some eating tips for pregnant women during festive season.

Eating tips for pregnant women during festive season are:

1.Washing your hands: This should be a routine for you. Being a little extra hygienic around the holiday seasons will not be harmful. Washing your hands before eating during festive season will help prevent you from falling sick. Especially, after you touch raw meat products and before eating anything. Using soap while washing your hands will be more effective.

2.Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol should be completely avoided in a pregnant women’s diet during festivals. In fact, alcohol consumption should be completely avoided during the length of the pregnancy as this is very harmful for the child. During the festive season, extra care should be taken while drinking any cocktails or punches as these are usually mixed with alcohol.

3.Cooking meat: You might prefer your meat and poultry half cooked. There are chances that this can affect you and your child. As meat that is not cooked properly will contain germs like E coli and Toxoplasma. So, while eating during festive season, always ensure that your meat and poultry products are well done to avoid any chances of getting infected.

4.Watch your diet: You should have regular check-up for your blood sugar and blood pressure during your pregnancy period. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you should be very careful what you are eating during festive season. Eat frequent meals in small quantities. Also, avoid any sugary drinks. Eating for two should be avoided during pregnancy.

5.Raw Food: Say ‘no’ to any raw or unpasteurised food as there is all possibility that this kind of food will contain bacteria. These bacteria are very harmful to your body as well as the baby’s. Avoid having raw milk and juice too. Cheese and raw eggs also need to be avoided completely. Any food that you consume should be well cooked.

These are the eating tips for pregnant women during festive season.