Facts To Know About Cancer And Fertility Levels After Surviving

Cancer is life threatening. But some people may manage to win over the condition after a courageous battle. But will they be able to conceive after fighting cancer?A new study says that women who battle cancer and manage to survive may have lower chances of getting pregnant compared to other women.Though this news is a bit disturbing, it is important to know about the facts related to cancer and fertility levels after survival.

Facts about fertility levels after surviving are:

1.Types Of Cancer: Do all types of cancers affect fertility? Yes, say researchers. Women who are diagnosed with cancer before getting pregnant in their lives may find it tough to get pregnant after surviving cancer.

2.Preservation Of Fertility: Preservation of fertility is the new focus of researchers and that is why more methods are being studied to save fertility.

3.Percentage Of Risk: Cancer can reduce the fertility rate by almost 50%. Actually, both cancer and the treatment methods of cancer take a toll on the body on various levels and fertility may take a blow too.

4.Chemotherapy: In fact, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not easy to handle. They too may hit fertility up to an extent as the uterus and ovaries may undergo damage at some level.

5.Survey: Researchers examined more than 23000 women who survived cancer to come to this conclusion.

6.Future Studies: Researchers opine that there should be fertility preservation methods in place in order to avoid this problem. Maybe scientists may soon find a way out. Researchers are currently trying to discover fertility preservation methods for young female cancer patients.

These are the facts to know about cancer and fertility levels after surviving.