Facts To Know About Headaches In Children

Most of us see only adults suffering from headaches but even children do suffer pain in the head sometimes. Around 15-20% of the kids between 5-14 years tend to experience headaches. They are categorsied as pediatric headaches.Some headaches are throbbing and pounding pains whereas some are chronic headaches.Here are some facts to know about headaches in children.

Facts to know about headaches in children are:

1.Some causes of headaches in children include, too much of crying, dehydration, skipping meals, stress or bodily strain.

2.Headaches can be seen as primary type and secondary type. Secondary headaches are just a symptom of some other medical condition whereas primary headaches are headaches without any other medical reason.

3.Migraine is a primary type of headache. Even headaches that occur due to tension are seen as primary types. Tension headaches result in pain in the head and temples.

4.At least 10% of the children are said to suffer migraine headaches. This type of headache causes throbbing sensation in the head. It could be severe pain and could trouble the child for hours. Even vomiting could occur.

5.Secondary headaches could be a result of infections, anxiety, depression, sinus issues or mild trauma in the areas like neck or head.

6.Even cluster headaches could occur in kids who cross the age of 10. Such headaches could even last for 7 days or more. The pain could occur behind the eye. Redness and water in the eye could follow. Eyes and the forehead could even swell.

7.Frequent headaches could also be due to tumours. So, if your kid complains of persistent headaches it is better to offer quick medical assistance.

These are the facts to know about headaches in children.