Fertility Myths You must Know

1. Your fertility rate is preserved for years with a healthy diet and exercise regimen

The truth is your fertility rate declines as you age and no amount of proper dieting and exercising is going to preserve it as it was when you were young. Diet and exercise can make the pregnancy easier but not increase your fertility rate. Also the chromosomal abnormalities in the egg increase in women aged over 35. With women over 42, the risks are even more.

2. A lot of sex increases your chances of getting pregnant and conceiving

A sperm stays active inside a woman for up to 72 hours. So, if you have had sex the previous day, you do not have to keep having sex the next day and the day after and tire yourselves out trying to get pregnant. Have sex only if you are enjoying it. Do not take the fun and joy out of it by doing it just to procreate. You also do not have to do an overload of the sperm. If everything goes right, a small load is enough to fertilize your eggs.

3. Birth control pills make it difficult for you to get pregnant

False. Birth control pills or menstruation suppressing pills do not affect your fertility rate and also do not make it difficult for you to get pregnant. You will notice that you can get pregnant soon after you stop going on the pill.

4. If you can’t afford IVF, chances are that your infertility will never let you have a baby

This is so not true. Although the IVF procedure gets a lot of press, the fact remains that it is used in only 5% of couples who come in for infertility treatments. A lot of people are treated with medication, corrective surgeries and other low tech treatments.

5. Infertility can always be treated or cured

This is another myth and so not true. Not all infertility issues can be treated. The chances of having a baby are not high for everyone and a lot of times, you will be forced to adopt or have a baby that is not biologically yours.