Habits That May Affect Your Baby's Brain To Know

In the present day, lifestyle changes and unhealthy habits are the root cause for almost every possible illness you can think of. What can be worse is that if your habits end up affecting the birth of your newborn. Women do many things without realizing theHabits That Affect Your Baby's Brain severity of the implications. Certain foods, for example, are linked with affecting the child's brain during the initial stages of brain development.Here are some habits that may affect your baby's brain.

1.A Few Glasses Of Wine: During pregnancy, alcohol is a strict no no. It has the capability of severely affecting the growth of your baby, especially the brain. This is particularly true because medical researches have failed to ascertain what level of alcohol is deemed safe for pregnant woman.

2.Smoking: If you didn't know this, smoking is the worst thing you can do while you are pregnant. It increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Smoking while pregnant also affects the ability of your baby's brain to grow- it is easily one of the worst habits during pregnancy.

3.Your Emotions: Negative emotions can affect your baby's brain. This is mainly because of altered blood flow when you have negative emotions. It affects blood flow to your child as well. And during the initial days when the baby's brain is developing, it seriously messes things up.

4.Lack Of Exercise: This is true in a certain sense. Although lack of exercise does not seriously affect you baby's health, exercise can boost your baby's mental abilities. So if you aren't exercising, its about time you started, for it can influence your baby's health by magnitude extents.

These are the habits that may affect your baby's brain.