Handle Your First Child During Your Second Child Pregnancy

1.Visit other friends who have more than one child

“I think all pregnant mothers who face a tough time with their first child should take this tip”, said Alicia. “I wanted to familiarize Matt with the concept that it is common for parents to have two or more children. And the only way I could do that is to take him to visit my friends who have more children”, she added. “Yes, this would be a great help to pregnant mothers facing a hard time with their first child. The child can start understanding the dynamics of having a sibling by watching other kids”, said Tracey.

2.Involve your first child in the developments of your pregnancy

“I always give this tip to pregnant mothers who face a tough time with their first child. When you take trips to the doctor, read sonography reports and purchase new things for your child-to-be, you must always keep your first child in the loop”, advised Alicia. “That’s so true, Alicia. Most pregnant women face a tough time with their first child because they just share these things with their husbands and the poor child feels left out”, Tracey added.

3.Start telling your first child that he/she is going to get a playmate

“I think a good idea for pregnant women who face a tough time during their second pregnancy would be to inform their first child about the good things that are about to come”, suggested Tracey. “For example, tell your first child that he/she is going to get a playmate for life, tell them that they will be able to pillow fight together, watch movies, take vacations together and so on”, she added. Friends, we agree with Tracey and think that building positivity about the child-on-the-way will be the best way for a pregnant mother to deal with her first child.

4.Ask your child to make a gift for the baby

“Pregnant mothers will face a tough time with the curiosity of their first child when they are doing things like knitting or preparing the crib for the new baby”, said an experienced Alicia. “The best way to deal with this is to ask your child to prepare a handmade gift for the new baby. It could be a greeting card, a makeshift cake or small toy”, she added. Don’t you think this is a very cute way for a mother to handle her first child during her second pregnancy?

5.Give extra attention to your first child

“Of course, this doesn’t mean spoiling your child rotten, but you must make sure that your first child doesn’t feel left out and jealous because grand preparations are being made for the new baby. Simple things like not talking about your new baby all the time and spending more time with your first child will go a long way”, said Alicia. “That’s a good point. In fact, this is one area where most pregnant mothers face a tough time with their first child”, confirmed Tracey.