How to Make Bubble Bath at Home for Kids


Kids absolutely love a bubble bath, the way the squeal at huge bubbles and the giggles that follow after every popping of the bubble is delightful to anybody’s ears. Here is a quick and proven way for you to learn to how to make a bubble bath at home with added fragrances and moisturizing ingredients.


• Liquid soap or shampoo that is easy on the eye

• Vitamin/ Baby Oil

• Lavender Oil

• Rose Petals

• Glycerin

• Water


• Take half a cup of water in a bowl and add half a cap of liquid soap or shampoo. Since the bubble bath is exclusively for kids, it is better to use the shampoo that does not irritate the eyes upon contact.

• Add a few drops of baby oil to the mixture. Adding baby oil ensures that the baby’s skin does not get shriveled up due to being exposed to water for such a long period of time.

• A few drops of lavender oil are added to give the bubble bath a nice fragrance.

• You can add rose petals to the bubble bath in order to make it more fragrant and also to make it look attractive. However, if you are seeking to create a bubble bath only for the kids, then you can opt out of adding rose water to the bubble bath.

• You can add about five to eight drops of glycerin to the mixture. Glycerin has been proven to be good for the skin. Glycerin has hydrating properties and has been known to be a good moisturizer. Adding glycerin to the mixture will ensure that your baby’s skin remains hydrated and supple even if he/she screams to be left in the bath for a good one hour.

• Mix all the ingredients in the bowl by stirring them slowly, make sure that there are no bubble formation. All the ingredients should efficiently get mixed up with the water.

• Pour the entire content of the bowl and the bath and turn on the faucet.