Important Tips to Give Your Children Before They Leave for College

1. Be proactive about your future

If your child has to make a good future after college, he or she will have to be more than just active; they need to be proactive. Earning good grades and staying out of trouble isn’t enough because akin to real life, they need to build relationships with people who matter. Your child has to be proactive about landing an internship, a scholarship and ultimately a job. A good start is meeting with the dean or chairperson of his or her department.

2.Don’t get carried away by the partying

Most students have a set image of college life in their heads. They think it is all about partying, alcohol, dating and in short, having the time of their lives. While going for a party or two over the weekend is permissible. But make them understand that you want them to build a good life for themselves and partying is momentary satisfaction just like junk food is; neither help in the long run called life.

3.Get involved in various extra curricular activities

There are a host of groups, clubs, course, internships, part time jobs and the likes for your child to be occupied with and hone his or her skills. Encourage them to enroll themselves in extra curricular activities which will give them experience as well as enjoyment and a sense of responsibility.

4.Don’t let anyone change who you are 

If you thought your child managed to get through high school successfully wherein peer pressure didn’t get to them, don’t assume this about college life. There will be all sorts of different people from all over the country and all walks of life in there sharing their lives with your child. Advise your child strongly that no matter what, they should do what they feel is right and not change themselves for anyone.

5.Exercise and study

Yes, this sounds like advice that will fall on deaf ears, but being in class is important to get up-to-date information on tests and keep on top of assignments, even if it is a class with hundreds of students and there isn’t an attendance sheet. Drill it in the mind of your ward that college is not a paid vacation for therein he or she has to make a life for themselves.

6.Talk to your professors

Advise your kids to always look up to their professors as their second parents and confide in them or ask doubts, may they be of academic or personal nature. Tell them to make an attempt to ask questions in class or go into a professor’s office hours. College professors are equipped to handle college students and are their campus guides so your children shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions in and out of class and use the instructors as a resource.