Is It Safe To Sleep On Your Stomach Is Safe When Pregnant

Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant? When you are pregnant, the people around you may tell you a lot about what to eat and what not to eat. But there are some uncommon questions or doubts that you may get for which you may not get the right answer from anyone.One such question is sleeping position. Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant? The first doubt that comes to anyone's mind is whether the foetus gets crushed if a pregnant mother sleeps on the stomach.Here are some things to know about is it safe to sleep on your stomach is safe or not.

Is it safe on your stomach when pregnant are:

1.Is Sleeping On The Stomach Dangerous? During the initial stages sleeping on your stomach while pregnant may not be an issue. But gradually, as the baby bump grows, it isn't advisable to sleep in that position (on stomach). It feels very uncomfortable too.

2.Does It Do Any Harm? Yes it could if one sleeps in that position for prolonged periods of time. Some health experts say that there won't be any harm done to the baby as the mother would roll and sleep in another position. During pregnancy you will not be able to sleep comfortably in certain positions.

3.Is Sleeping On The Back Better? If you have thought that sleeping on the back is healthy during pregnancy no it isn't. That position could reduce blood circulation to the foetus.

4.Is There Any Safe Position? What is the most comfortable position to sleep during pregnancy? Well, a majority of women say that sleeping to one side is comfortable. Also, when you sleep towards your left, that position favours supply of nutrients and blood to the foetus.

5.Simple Tip To Sleep Comfortably: Placing a pillow between your folded legs can make sleeping comfortable when you sleep towards the left side.

6.Pregnancy Insomnia: Around 78% of the pregnant women are said to experience sleeplessness which is known as pregnancy insomnia. Exercise, relaxation and the right sleeping position can help.

These are the things to know about is it safe to sleep on your stomach is safe or not.