Know About Can A Woman Actually Get Pregnant During Her Periods

Surely, a lot women, whether they are trying to have a baby or not, would be wondering if it is possible to get pregnant when they are on their periods, right?Well, as we know, for sexually active women, their periods can be a sure-fire sign that they are not pregnant.In fact, there are many instances in which a woman who has indulged in unprotected sex and is not planning for a baby anytime soon, waits anxiously for her period, so that she can be sure that she is not pregnant!

Menstruation, or periods, is a phenomenon in which a woman's unfertilised egg is expelled out of her system, along with the uterine lining, through the vagina, once a month.If the eggs are fertilised and the woman is pregnant, she misses her periods, until her child is born.

What Is The "Safe Window"? Each woman has a certain window every month, which is known as the ovulation window, that is, the few days in a month in which the woman is the most fertile because her egg is released and is ready to be fertilised by the sperm. So, during her menstrual cycle, the unfertilised egg is getting ejected out of the body and her next ovulation window is a few days away, so a woman's periods are usually considered as the "safe window", that is, the chances of conception are low.

However, there are cases where women who have had sexual intercourse during their periods did conceive as well. Wondering how that was possible though? Well, the fact is that the sperm can live in the body for up to 5 days!So, if a woman engages in sexual activity during the end of her period, there is a chance of her getting pregnant in the next couple of days, as the sperm can still survive in her body and can fertilize the egg. In conclusion, there is a small chance of a woman getting pregnant, if she engages in an unprotected sex during her periods. So, if you are not planning for a baby, using protection can make things simpler.