Know About Is Ghee Healthy For Mothers Post Delivery

Ghee is considered to be better than vegetable oil. Ranked among the healthiest and most nutritious one after olive oil, ghee should be added to every meal that you consume every day.However, too much of this saturated butter can be harmful, especially after delivery. Mothers who have recently delivered a baby should keep off from foods that are high in calories, especially the ones that contain oil.Ghee, for example, has calories and fats, which when consumed in excess can be quite harmful for the body.

Today, gynaecologists advice new mums to go easy on the tablespoons of ghee that they add to their favourite meal. In ancient times, old women of the household suggested new mothers to drink ghee or add it to their food;however, its all a myth now.According to the myth, it says that the joints of the mother are weak and only ghee has the properties to enable the movement of the joints.It was also stated that by drinking ghee, the wounds on the body would heal faster and most grandmothers believed that, when ghee was fed to a lactating mother the quality and quantity of milk would be at its best.Here are some facts that you should know about that.

1.After delivery, the joints of the mother do not become weak, neither does it become less lubricated. During labour, the body of the woman releases a hormone named relaxin, which relaxes all the muscles of a woman's body and this helps in delivering.

2.This hormone relaxes the joints as well as the joint muscles, making one feel that the joints have gone weak. However, after a few weeks, the Relaxin hormone begins to lose its effect, making the woman act normal, therefore, the presence of ghee to strengthen the joints becomes void.

3.If the doctors state that your bones are relatively weak after pregnancy, it is important to look at foods that are rich in calcium. Adding these healthy foods to increase your bone strength is much more healthier and a wiser choice than ghee.

4.Experts released a statement saying that mothers who consumed 'too' much of ghee after delivery would face three terrible postnatal problems that are obesity, heart disease and the rise of blood cholesterol level, which is not good for the heart.

5.Ghee should be excluded in your diet after delivery, as it is nothing but clarified butter and is a great source of fat. However, this yummy ingredient is one of the best foods to be included in the diet of a pregnant woman, as it helps boost the immunity and keeps you fit and active while you are carrying.

Reasons You Should Add Ghee To Your Diet:Ghee helps to relieve headache and migraine-related pain.Ghee is good for the skin as well as it aids in reducing the inflammation on the body.When ghee is consumed, it increases the metabolism in a pregnant woman, which in turn helps in preventing her from getting tired too often.Ghee also helps with the tummy. It aids in getting rid of constipation, which is one of the main problems that any pregnant woman faces.