Know The Pros And Cons Of Pacifiers For Babies

Today, there are a lot of parents who pamper their little babies with all sorts of toys and a variety of assortments. But, if you pay close attention to most of the modern couples, you will see one common thing with their newborns, which is a pacifier. It is this habit which has been cultivated with modern parents to hand over a pacifier or their newborns in order to curb their hunger or even their crying. It is said that most babies, have a strong sucking reflex which is said to have started even before they were born. There are a lot of babies who prefer sucking their thumbs as well and they tend to do this when they are hungry and to some it is just a habit.Now although this is an easy way to stop a baby from crying, parent provide their babies with pacifiers. Experts say that pacifiers have a lot of pros and cons which may of a concern to your newborn.

1.Pros: With the increase of sudden death rate in infants, it is believed that these pacifiers will help save a baby's life. There are some studies which show that parents must provide their child with a pacifier as soon as they begin to cry. When they stop, remove the pacifier from the mouth to avoid it from being a habit.

2.It is this pacifier which soothes the baby when your rocking doesn't seem to help. If your baby tends to cry a lot and if the pacifier is the one which helps, then provide your baby with it. The pros about pacifiers is that it helps the baby to pacify itself.

3.The best pros of pacifiers is that it helps your baby to satisfy its suck reflex. There are a lot of new mums who suffer the consequence when it comes to stopping breastfeeding. The pacifier is the only one to your rescue.Along with the pros of pacifiers, comes the cons too. Take a look at some of the cons of pacifiers.

4.Cons: It is believed that pacifiers cause more than 40 percent of ear infections in babies. According to research, it is believed that the cons of pacifiers is ear infections in newborns.

5.Nipple confusion is one of the main cons of pacifiers in newborns. It is the newborns who have to suffer this confusion and it might even take time for them to get used to both the nipples.

6.It becomes a bad habit for parents. The only reason is because parents tend to stuff their child's mouth with a pacifier on and off and children are bound to it in every way possible. Dental reports have showed that the more kinds suck on pacifiers the more dental problems they will suffer with.

These are some of the pros and cons of pacifiers which is used to sooth babies from crying and to curb there hunger.