Know These Best Tips To Buy Baby Clothes Smartly

You must be wondering what is so difficult about buying baby clothes that you have to actually learn how to buy baby clothes. You get baby clothes online these days. And there are several stores where you can go and pick baby clothes, swipe your card and be done with it. It sounds simple enough and it is. But it is not cost effective. New born baby clothes cost a lot of money and your baby usually outgrows them in no time!That is why if you are first-time parents, you need to know how to buy baby clothes smartly. Always remember that you can use the extra money you save for something else that your baby desperately needs like a stroller or baby cot. There is no point in splurging on clothes that your baby will outgrown in a couple of months. It is much better to recycle old baby clothes that you get as hand-me-downs or learn just how to buy baby clothes smartly so that you can buy them in your budget.

Newborn baby clothes need to be extra soft and thus, it is best to use old and used fabric for these clothes. In India, we traditionally make the baby's first clothes at home instead of buying them. These days, very good quality baby clothes are available, so you can go for a mix of handmade and ready-made clothes.Here are some best tips to buy baby clothes smartly.

1.Have The First Clothes Made: It is best to have the first set of baby clothes made at home. The baby's grandparents can do this or you can ask some elderly people in your family to make baby clothes with soft, used fabric after sterilising it.

2.Wait For The Gifts: Your baby will get a lots of gifts from friends and family. So do not rush to the baby store as soon as your baby is delivered. Wait for a couple of weeks to see the gifts you get. Sometimes, what you get will ride you through the first few months of your baby's life. Buying in such cases is wastage because the baby outgrows clothes very quickly.

3.What Season Is It? If it is winter, you will need to keep your baby very warm. Spend more on woolen clothes, socks, caps and blankets instead of clothes. A baby born in summer does not have these added expenses.

4.Will You Get Hand-Me-Downs? Many a times, old baby clothes are passed on within family and friends. You can always use hand-me-down baby clothes from your own sibling's kids or your closest friends. There is no shame in it and old clothes are more comfortable for newborn babies.

5.0-3 Months Special: In between 0-3 months, your baby needs to be kept warm all the time. During this time, some special types of clothing like mittens, socks and caps need to be bought. Buy these clothes as you will rarely get hand-me-down mittens or socks.

6.Buy Clothes One Size Big: Once your baby crosses 3 months, he will have a growth spurt and start outgrowing clothes very quickly. So at the time your baby is 4 to 5 months old, buy clothes one size larger so that they can wear it till they are 1-year-old.

7.Never Buy Too Many Baby Clothes: Never buy baby clothes in bulk. Your baby's wardrobe is not stagnant like yours. You can buy a pair of expensive jeans and wear it for 5 years. Your baby's wardrobe will change every 3 months.

8.Store Old Baby Clothes: Pack up the old baby clothes and store them safely. You can use these clothes if you are planning another baby soon or you can give it away as hand-me-downs to your family or friends.

These are the best tips to buy baby clothes smartly.